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Man Man! Fucking such a great (free) show at the house of blues in SC!


Man Man! Fucking such a great (free) show at the house of blues in SC!

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Man Man at The Earl 5/9/14. Such an amazing show. Gave Honus a furby and he named it Shannon and made me sign it then asked me for a hug. He told me to sign the mohawk and I couldn’t (harder than it looks!) so I signed the tag. He complained that my signature was illegible haha. I got him to sign my Life Fantastic poster and he wrote “My fav Shannon my fav album” :)

My friend got a set list and he signed it “Thief!” We wanted to get all of their signatures but they were obviously pretty worn out and busy (two shows that day and they had to be up at 8 AM) so we left everyone else alone. The set list isn’t accurate- I don’t think they played King Shiv and for some reason a bunch of people in the crowd yelled at them to play Top Drawer and Honus kept laughing and was like “why not?”. They played it instead of Loot My Body. LMB is a great song but so is Top Drawer so I can’t complain (though it meant we missed Honus in the fur coat :( haha) I’m not an emotional person but I almost teared up when they played Van Helsing Boombox. Such a great song! That really made my night (plus the hug from Honus).

So sweet

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Anonymous asked: What do obsessive Man Man fans call themselves? Fan Fans? Man Fans? Fan Mans? Man Man Fan Fans? So many options.


Haha sooo so many options. All of the above^ Man Fan Fan Man maybe? :)

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Man Man - Head On (Hold On Your Heart)

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Watch Honus Honus perform “Deep Cover” masterfully on ukulele care of ExlaimTV.

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Man Man | Underground Arts | 12.29.13 


Man Man | Underground Arts | 12.29.13 

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Fan video of Man Man playing”Loot My Body.” Charlotte, NC, 2013.

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Rehearsing a lil “Pyramids” for .@manmanbandband tour. #manmanbandband

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Man Man’s Upcoming Tour Announcement!!

Man Man’s Upcoming Tour Announcement!!

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Man Man // Head On

There’s a knock at your door, you don’t even recognize the stranger
It’s you from before, trying to warn you all about the dangers

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